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Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Orange Soleia Eau de Toilette

Rs. 7,900.00

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Orange Soleia is part of the Aqua Allegoria collection by Guerlain, fresh Eaux de Toilette with sophisticated trails inviting you to a sensory escape. The collection offers a profusion of unexpected notes to reveal the beauty of bergamot, a precious citrus fruit and thegreen gold of Calabria�. Orange Soleia is a sunny, juicy Eau de Toilette that evokes the delectable blood orange and the citrus groves of Sicily. It embodies the spirit of blood orange enhanced by the energising freshness of bergamot and woody notes. Create your own signature by associating Orange Soleia with: - Bergamote Calabria - Herba Fresca - Pamplelune - Passiflora - Ginger Piccante To create your own olfactory signature, choose from among the suggested duos and perfume yourself successively, in equal amounts, with the two Aqua Allegoria fragrances of your choice.