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Guerlain Homme Eau Boisée 16 Eau de Toilette

Rs. 10,750.00
Eau de Toilette

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Guerlain Homme is an authentic call to adventure. Keen on discovery, man flourishes in a nature that he makes his own. This olfactory version arose from an encounter. That of the Guerlain Perfumer and the inhabitants of the high plateaus that overlook the city of Coimbatore in India. This is where Thierry Wasser discovered a new vetiver essence with incredible power and elegance. This Indian vetiver immediately reminded the perfumer of Bourbon vetiver, which has disappeared today. Grown in a sustainable manner and encouraging the development of local populations, this vetiver is majestically showcased in Guerlain Homme L'Eau Boise.

This exchange led to a fragrance with intense freshness and an unforgettable character.

Fragrance Family - Earthy & Woody

Notes - Citurs-Peppermint-Vetiver ;