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Guerlain Mon Bloom of Rose Eau de Parfum

Rs. 15,050.00

A luminous Eau de Parfum composed of the iconic lavender-vanilla pairing, coloured with an intense bouquet of roses and a delicious pear note. Its fruity floral sillage is sure to set hearts aflame. Passion in a bottle. This Mon Guerlain fragrance comes in its "quadrilob" bottle. Featuring a contrasting mix of strong, straight lines and sensual curves, this bottle echoes the many facets of femininity itself. This edition is adorned with a luxurious glass weight and an intense red hue, which pays tribute to the fragrances star ingredient, the rose. Mon Guerlain is a perfumed manifesto of todays femininity. Women today are multi-faceted€�simultaneously strong, free, and sensual. As is the fragrances ambassador, Angelina Jolie. With Bloom of Rose Eau de Parfum, Mon Guerlain is pursuing its exploration of the many facets of femininity showcasing passion. This fragrance invites women to share their passions and affirm their ardent personalities. My invisible tattoo, my signature, my perfume, Mon Guerlain.