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Philip B Paddle Hair Brush

Rs. 16,400.00
One Size

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Description: Our dream styling tools, made of the finest natural materials and in the most advanced ergonomic design.

How to apply - Designed to glide through even the thickest hair our signature paddle brush features a custom ergonomic handle for maximum comfort and styling control together with a pneumatic cushion that conforms to the countours of your scalp. A blend of crystal pins and natural boar bristles gently massage and exfoliate the scalp while taming tangles and polishing the hair cuticle, creating a smooth, bouncy red-carpet finish.



Benefits: Sculpted from sustainable, polished mahogany, the special ergonominc handle makes salon-quality blowouts a cinch. Boar bristles and crystal nylon pins lend a mild cleansing action at your hair's roots, loosening dead skin and product residue, while absorbing and distributing sebum down the hair shaft.


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