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Fragrance to Wear to Awaken Your Inner Goddess - Dussehra Special

The power of fragrance is linked to the presence of divine energy since time immemorial. This blog recommends fragrances that will help you celebrate the season of the divine feminine. 

Are Fragrances Magic of Chemistry or Do they Invoke Something Deeper?

There is a streak of magic and a dash of chemistry that makes perfumes stroke emotions from us, of people, of far places, voyages, and home, and often something stirs in us deeply divine.  We are all made of chemicals, all the behaviors and thoughts of our human bodies are chemical reactions. Nature is also chemistry. When you dive into the materials, you almost see the soul of the flower or the fruit.  When you delve deeper as if you are using a microscope, you begin to see where chemistry merges with alchemy, and this is where olfactory poetry begins. 

Awaken the divine Goddess with these timeless gems.

Here are precious few that take us on an olfactory odyssey of exploring the many multifaceted nuances of ingredients all merging with a special alchemy that invokes the feeling of the divine in us. As the song says “Heaven is a place on Earth” and fragrances have a lot to add to that slice of the divine feminine emerging in us.

Guess Seductive Blue for Women

Guess Seductive Blue is a fragrance that inspires confidence and a winning aura in all areas of life. It embodies a calming and winning energy. The perfume takes you on a journey to a haven of tranquility. Crisp Pear and Italian Bergamot open the fragrance, followed by a floral heart of dew-covered Peony Petals, Rosewater, and Blue Freesia. The base notes evoke sun-kissed seaside memories and invite you to escape. Plum, Silky Musk, Amber, and Patchouli emphasize the fruity and floral trail. This perfume evokes a bright paradise.

Swiss Army For Her Floral

Evoking a mood of playful joy, Swiss Army For Her Floral is a bright and vivacious scent. Always carefree and radiant with joie de vivre, its fragrant essence is romantic and innately feminine. This fragrance opens with a zesty burst of black currant, followed by a heart of romantic Alpenrose and violet. The base notes of luminous white musk and warming cashmere woods give it a bright, long-lasting trail.

MICHAEL KORS Sparkling Blush EDP

The Gemstone-inspired bottle embodies a fragrance that is both beautiful and sparkling and evokes in us a sense of vitality, an allure of seductive and powerful energy. The fragrance is both irresistible and seductive in every spray.  Made for modern women of action. Top notes of bergamot, litchi, pear, pink pepper The Heart: jasmine, pink frangipani, lily, magnolia, rose. Wrapping it up with a base of amber, vetiver, sandalwood, and vanilla.


Tommy for him and Tommy girl by Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Girl is like a  tempest of ambition, dances through challenges with grace, her intellect a beacon. Sweet, yet passionately divine.

Tommy for Him is a man who is a maestro of innovation, orchestrates dreams into reality, a visionary with a heart ablaze. Tommy for him and her, set up your couple's goal as well as a power couple, and explore your shared divine purpose and goals in life.

Together, they defy limits, a magnetic force of love and enterprise. In the ballad of life, they waltz through milestones hand in hand, leaving a trail of inspiration. The fusion of the notes is mint and lavender; Apple, Cranberry, and Rose, the base notes are cotton flower, sandalwood, cedar and jasmine all creating harmony.


Immerse your senses to create a fragrant presence.

These are some of the suggestions that you can explore for yourself, and your loved ones. There is a spark of the divine that is there in each of us, that makes us feel comforted, empowered, and passionate and brings a slice of heaven closer to us.

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