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Luxury Pamper - Oily Hair & Skin Focus - Best in Care.

The Beaute Luxe Monsoon edits focus on Oily skin and hair challenges. With the humidity factor and moisture that is present in the atmosphere, for oily skin and hair over washing happens and the misconception is that one can go easy on moisturization care. This can't be further from the truth. Here are some product options for hair care and skin care from Beaute Luxe that give the ultimate moisture care.

Lustrous hair begins with these Beauties-Hair care for Oily scalp

Oily Scalp is a very common problem, especially during the monsoon they are a big challenge to manage with over washing leading to irritating scalp. What the hair needs is a mix of clarifying and targeting washing that makes the hair look fuller and settles the scalp. Philip B has a masterful mix of essential plant extracts that provide washing care for oily scalp, without excessively stripping the scalp and hair of its natural oils. The shampoo balances the pH ratio, washing away impurities and excessive oil, and tackling dandruff as well.

Philip B Peppermint Avacado Shampoo- clarifying and scalp invigorating. Formulated with crisp peppermint oil and 16 plant extracts creates a tingly-cooling sensation, invigorating your scalp and your senses

Philip B Weightless Volumizing Conditioner, Infused with Magnolia Flower provides a happy, fresh scent. Perfect for Oily hair giving an ultra-light detangler that zeroes in on damaged areas, resulting in smoothened hair that is both healthy and gleaming.

Peppermint avocado scalp scrub washes away scalp build-up and irritation. A unique formula gently exfoliates the scalp while washing away dirt, oil, styling products, and environmental buildup. What you get is terrific hair free of impurities and with plenty of bounce, kink, and wave, lush-feeling hair that oily hair always dreams of being. Go ahead and indulge.

Oily skin relief for the monsoon- preventing over-drying from excessive washing

The solution for oily skin being overwashed comes in a tube! Evelom Foaming cream cleanser is enzyme-infused and hydrating, this foaming cleanser uses the power of water to activate an innovative cream-to-foam lather that delicately wipes away make-up and impurities without drying skin or clogging pores. Effortless, efficacious, and safe for daily use, skin is left feeling soft, hydrated, and refreshed with a more radiant-looking glow.

EveLom Radiance Repair Retinol Serum is a serum that uses liposome-encapsulated retinol and prebiotic oat kernel ferment to prevent and protect skin against aging. It also contains AHAs to exfoliate and smooth skin, and plumps and hydrates skin to give a firmer, smoother, and more even complexion.

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