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Starting Your Fragrance Journey

“We like to smell good. We use fragrance several times a day. It's a form of self-expression, an accessory” Feyrouz Bouksani 

You can announce your presence in any space, claim it as yours with your signature fragrance as you walk into a room that wafts along the air announcing your presence.  It has the power to create memories, an aura of intrigue, add glamor or create a sensual drama in the atmosphere. All of this within a few minutes and seconds, continues to linger in the air, creating a lingering memory of the moment.

What defines luxury niche and designer fragrances from each other?

Most of us have been introduced to perfumes based on gifts or shopping at the airport Duty-free shops. Gradually we learn what we like and what we don't like. Gradual usage of fragrances teaches us that there are subtle differences in perfume crafting. Today, there are copies of perfumes that are produced cheaply, substituting ingredients in an attempt to craft a copy of niche fragrances. There is a lot of confusion while investing in inexpensive and unique fragrances- the cost, versus the effect, how long will it last, and lastly is it worth it? Before we answer the questions above let us understand the basics.

What are Luxury and Niche perfumes?

Luxury perfumes are about precious ingredients, often in uncommon combinations, exclusive, with freedom of artistic creativity crafted by expert artisanal perfumers. Niche brands offer an alternative to the mass production of fragrances and do not follow any mass market trends. Niche perfumes are categorized into Artistic, Experimental, Local artisan Authors, Designer perfumes, and Alternative perfumes. In this blog, we will learn about the best Designer fragrances and how to pick one for yourself.

Designer perfumes are put together by large fashion houses, like Chopard, Bvlgari, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Estee Lauder which also is a fragrance-making brand, amongst the best in France and the US. Designer perfumes serve as an entry point and introduction before developing a more refined taste and appreciation for factors like Sillage, and the olfactory sense.

The Olfactory factor and the sense of smell. How do you know which one is best for you?

The olfactory system, or sense of smell, is the sensory system used for smelling (olfaction). Other than the official definitions and the olfactory indicator, the part of the olfactory buds in our nasal cavity are the main role players that define the sense of smell, and what makes one perfume smell a particular way and another in a certain way. Artisanal Perfumers are known for having a susceptible nose and olfactory system that can distinguish different types of smell and combinations.

We are sharing a few tips here to begin your journey in selecting the notes or composition that suits your personality.

  • As a rule, go from lighter to heavier perfumes- 
    A journey from aqua, musky to citrus to fruity florals into heavier woods and ouds. 
  • Rebounding from a perfume works-
    ask first for perfume vials that you can keep and let the fragrance bloom on you. Spritz on the wrist or elbow region ( inner elbow) and let it sit on the skin. Once the perfume blooms on your skin and you feel like smelling it all the time, this makes you connect with the perfume and your body chemistry.
  • Try to understand what you are smelling-
    like a citrus smell versus a floral smell like roses, or gardenia and jasmine, or a woody smell that resembles- sandalwood, cedarwood or gourmand can be like a creamy, sweet, or nutty flavor like praline, caramel, or chocolate, or green - like sage or moss, and musk that can smell like clean laundry smell. 

Try these 5 top picks from Beaute Luxe

The Beaute Luxe store online and in select locations is a great place, to begin with a vast array of perfume options to start your journey. Here are our top picks for him and her. 

For Her:

  • Bvlgari Rose Goldea Eau de Parfum 
  • Estee Lauder Beautiful Love EDP
  • Signorina  by Salvatore Ferragamo 

For Him:

  • Chopard Oud Malaki EDP 
  • Bulgari Man in Black EDP
  • Salvatore Ferragamo EDT

Although the Niche perfume markets are fast increasing in their share and will be a dominant player, Designer fragrances at the moment fare well in the market. Since these are more accessible and have a more rounded composition, these would be excellent perfumes to add to your “perfume accessory wardrobe”, and you can begin by playing with seasons, both day and night perfume to complement the occasion or events in your lives creating fragrant memories.

Want to learn more about fragrances then visit our online store and choose the store locator to walk in and begin your fragrance journey.

Online: https://beauteluxe.in/collections/shop-all

Store locations: https://beauteluxe.in/pages/store-locator

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