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Maison Berger Clarity Electrique Diffuser

Rs. 13,700.00
Mist diffuser + Refill + Remote

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The Clarity Mist Diffuser will look lovely in an interior thanks to its very elegant shades of grey. The lighter grey gives off a subdued light with the effect of triangles, while the other grey is more opaque and highlights the logo and the shiny gold trim. A light and humidifying mist is diffused, allowing the fresh and aromatic fragrance of the Light Wood perfume to escape, with its marine notes, lavender notes and cedar wood notes.

Fragrance: Fresh

Top Notes - Bergamot, Marine notes, Pineapple

Heart Notes- Lavender, Transparent Flowers

Base Notes- Sandalwood, Amber, Cedarwood

How to use: Fully programmable and intuitive, you choose the perfume diffusion mode, the perfume duration and even the luminous atmosphere. A ritual quickly adopted. - Remove the cover of the diffuser and lift the lid to open the container - First time user? Gently pour in the Maison Berger Paris fragrance of your choice. Do not exceed maximum level. - Close the reservoir and replace the cover of the diffuser. - Plug the electric diffuser into an USB port or a power socket. - Turn it on using the remote control. - Adjust the diffuser by pressing the button underneath the base of the device. - Be sure to hold the device upright when handling. - Press once for continuous diffusion. Twice for intermittent diffusion. 3 times switch off.