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Yankee Candle Midnight Jasmine Scented Tealight Candle

Rs. 1,070.00
Tealight Candle

Tea Lights enhance with the ambiance of candlelight and add instant impact to any space when used in multiples. The wicks safely extinguish once all the wax has been consumed. A perfect match to our decorative accessories illuminated by this smallest candle.

Fragrance notes:-

Fragrance Family: Floral 

Top notes: Neroli, Orantique, Mandarin Blossom, Yellow Grapefruit; Heart notes: Grapefruit; Base notes: Musk, Powdery Notes;

How to use: Trim your Wick: Use our handy Wick Trimmer to keep your wick neat and tidy. Trim your wick to 3mm before each burn. Allow to Pool: Let the top layer of wax liquefy and pool to the edges to avoid tunnelling.

Burn Time: 4-6 Hours Each

100% natural fibres, rigorously tested for the best burn possible.